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Here are 3 reasons porta-potties are the true heroes of our events in Medicine Hat

The forgotten hero, the spectacular savior, a pinnacle of humans innovation, changing the lives of millions; today we are going to talk about the porta-potty! …OK, to be fair, this may seem slightly underwhelming with all that build up, but by the end of this article, you will understand the true heroic qualities of porta-potties in Medicine Hat and join us in the excitement we have to offer. So how can porta-potties save you at a baseball tournament? At a marathon? At a music festival? In this article, we will reveal exactly why and how these plastic patriots of justice will save you from all the crap (pun intended) you can run into without their humble assistance at these events.

You’re at a baseball tournament, you have an involuntary yet intense urge to let a toilet know who’s boss, but there’s no porta-potty in sight…

You may not experience this specifically at baseball tournaments, but nearly all of us have had the terrifying moment of urgency met with no sight of the sanctuary a porta-potty could offer. Events such as a baseball tournament will leave you with only a few options for food if you didn’t come prepared. Your main options are usually going to be fried foods and things with high amounts of preservatives. If you don’t already know the effects of foods like this on your digestive system, let us enlighten you!

There is a great article that brings up some interesting points on what to eat, and what not to eat in order to maintain and manage your digestive system properly. Foods that are high in fat (very common at a baseball diamond), act like jet fuel in your intestines. This is to say that it will expedite the delivery of your fresh prince of the porcelain chair. This process is called “gastrocolic reflex”, and it’s a way of your bowels getting some spring cleaning done. Your intestines will react to this by quickly trying to process everything in there and move it out by making contractions. Therefore, you will quickly find yourself running to the nearest facility to relieve yourself.

This is why events that serve this kind of food should be properly prepared for the onslaught of bowel movements ahead. If you are hosting an event such as this and you do not have preinstalled washrooms, talk to us about renting some porta-potties before too many people try to release the Kraken.

You’ve been running for hours, you’re almost done the marathon, but nature is calling…

Most of us aren’t routine marathon runners, let alone going for our own personal joints around town to get that cardiovascular exercise in. However, this is actually quite a concern for routine runners. Most runners actually plan out places to stop to use washrooms at different checkpoints through their routine run. However, not everyone is prepared or knows where the nearest washroom will be. Events like marathons have a high demand for checkpoints harboring the sweet presence of porta-potties.

You see, running is great for your digestive system. Unfortunately, this isn’t always good news when you’re caught 1km away from the nearest washroom. Exercise helps your body relax and alleviate any stress that may be holding you back from making a sacrifice to the porcelain Gods. This speeds up your metabolism, increases your endorphins, and if you have stayed hydrated will be like expediting your internal delivery system.

This is why porta-potties hold a certain sanctity among runners and outdoor enthusiasts. Because until you’re caught out in the harsh and unforgiving wasteland of being too far away from a washroom when you need it most, you will be wishing someone rented porta-potties.

Sanatec Environmental offers fast and effective porta-potty solutions in Medicine Hat.

Music festivals are great right?! Well, you obviously haven’t seen the line ups at the toilets…


Yes, music festivals can be an exciting time for music, dancing, drinking, and partying. However, as Uncle Ben would put it; with great power, comes great responsibility. A music venue full of wild and rambunctious people enjoying the sounds and attractions will almost always be participating in some alcohol consumption as well.

If you are not already familiar, alcohol can turn you into a seemingly endless faucet to write your name in the snow. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it will convince your bladder to “break the seal” and continue to flush out any other liquids from then on. Additionally, alcohol will reduce the hormone levels in your kidneys which tell them to absorb liquids, so your body will just keep flushing everything out.

Now, this gets in the way of the fun at any event where alcohol is involved. So some of us do our best not to break the seal, while others succumb to the inevitable defeat. It doesn’t just need to be a music festival, this could be a problem at any event involving alcohol if the event isn’t properly suited with porta-potties or other washroom facilities. It just so happens that music festivals tend to be a place that doesn’t have preexisting washrooms, so it’s up to the coordinators to rent porta potties, so just pray they have enough for the onslaught of people needing to drain the main vein consistently throughout the night.

In conclusion

Plan ahead if you are hosting an event. There are natural needs we all have and if we don’t have the proper channel, things can get messy; literally and figuratively. So if you know somewhere that needs the humble hero of putting up with your crap; humanities beloved invention, the porta-potty. Call us today and find out how you can get an order filled and delivered within 24 hours to help keep you and your guests comfortable with the peace of mind knowing they have porta-potties ready to save them from all the crazy bowel movements that sneak up at the worst times.

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